Brothers, Torn Apart is the 41st episode of Scan2Go. This episode aired in America on June 15, 2013 at 7:00/6:00c on Cartoon Network, which was


Picking up from where the previous episode (Last Chance - Putting it All on the Line!) ended, we again receive the warning from the wise old man.  Team J.E.T. awakes the next day ready to participate in the last challenge cup race of the season, which is "The Great Challenge Cup."  It is a long distance race taking place over three days in a rally format.  Kaz must win this race in order to qualify for the Grand Prix, as he only has 4 Challenge Cup wins.  The Grand Prix requires an individual to have five wins to enter.

Meanwhile in another section of the Universe the Grand Prix Exhibition Race is getting underway of those who already qualified for the Grand Prix.  It is going to take place on the actual course where the Grand Prix will occur, thus giving those who enter a chance to experience the track before the actual race.

Brothers Taiga and Zero enter the exhibition race.  Events tear them apart, possibly forever.


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  • This episode picks up right where the last episode Last Chance - Putting it All on the Line! ended with the Wise Old Man providing his warning. The episode leaves the current race for Team J.E.T. unresolved and thus it is another multiple part episode (second of as yet unknown).



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