Canal Panda is the first Portuguese cable television channel dedicated to children's programming, mostly animated series. Founded in 1996 as Panda Club in Spain and Portugal, the name changed to Canal Panda in 1997. In 2000, the channel left Spain, thus concentrating efforts on the Portuguese market. The mascot is in fact a panda, hence the name.

Dreamia owns Canal Panda as a joint-venture between Chello Multicanal and ZON Multimédia.

For their tenth anniversary in 2006, Canal Panda released a CD featuring Ilona Mitrecey, D'ZRT and others, followed by another release in 2007.

For their thirteenth anniversary in 2009, Canal Panda launched Panda Biggs, a channel which broadcasts anime and archived programmes from Canal Panda and is aimed at teenagers and young people.

In 2011, Chello Multicanal relaunch the channel for Spanish Pay-TV. Then, Movistar TV (IPTV) reaches an agreement to include this channel in its offer from 1 March.

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