Fiona Ryder is one of the main characters of Scan2Go and also a member of J.E.T. She is voiced by Michelle Molineux. Her car is Leopatra.


Fiona completed her Scan2Go training with Coach Ray at the Scan2Go Training Facility on Earth, before leaving to race throughout the Universe.She is a member of Team J.E.T.


Fiona is young girl with orange hair and there's a large strand of her hair acting like a tail. She has a pair of cyan-colored eyes and her skin quite pale. She often seen in a white vest with pink accents, a pink dress with yellow lines and skinny grey sleeves. She also wears white skinny pants, white colored boots with pink cuffs and soles and a pair of ruffed white fingerless gloves with a yellow bracelet on her right wrist.


Refusing to flatter others, she is a cheerful, vivacious girl with a determined personality. The only female member of J.E.T.. Because of her personality, she sometimes has conflicts with Kazuya, but she also plays the role of peacemaker in the group. She is also very confident and reaches out to others, as seen when she makes it a point to speak to and try to include Shiro.

Fiona always travels with her pet, Toto.


Fiona debuted in the first episode, Going for Number 1!, where she took part in Team J.E.Ts' first race with her car Leopatra.

She is one of the main protagonists in the show, and has appeared in all 52 episodes.





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