Great Boar is a machine fortress belonging to the Fake Team J.E.T. and driven by the Fake Kaz Gordon.


Great Boar resembles a truck in which the Fake Team J.E.T. can drive their machines into its trailer to transfer all of their power to it. It can unleash a gust of wind, use two drills attached to the front (which were later broken off by Galaxy Falgor's wings) and launch metal spheres from the front and roof of the machine.


Great Boar resembles a large truck. The machine itself is coated brown with purple tinted windows, six large red wheels each with a spike in the center, two large drills attach to the front and bears large eyes similar to the ones on Storm Slazor. The trailer is coated silver painted with the symbols of the Fake Team J.E.T.'s machines on both sides and also bears six red wheels with a spike in the center of each one.

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