Inupa, Scan2Go

Inupa is a green-skinned humanoid alien from the planet Savannah. He is a Scan2Go racer and is a passionate environmentalist.


Inupa is a green-skinned humanoid alien with big purple eyes and darker green markings by his eyes and on his head. He also has a rather different facial and head build than humans his nosebridgee is rather diamond-shaped and his ears are pointed. His upper lip is also slightly lifted in the middle, he has a small brown nose and his ears are pointed with pink insides and rather like animal ears. He has brown horns sticking out of the top of his head, and though he is smiling, he seems to always have a determined look on his face.

Inupa wears a leather short vest with tassles that connect to 2 purple shoulder pads, under that, he wears a red tank top and around his neck, an orange neckerchief and brown pants. He wears dark brown boots with light brown gloves, along with 2 blue belts crossed over his waist, supposedly for his Scan2Go machine holder.


Inupa is a local on the planet Savannah, and he, like Diego Montana, has a strong sence of justice and loves the environment. Living on Savannah, environment was a big part of his life and he loved the Great Tree on Savannah. A few years before team JET came to Savannah, Rhino, a greedy businessman from Rhino Enterprises came and challenged the locals of Savannah to a Scan2Go race, and with his superior machine, won and took over. Ever since then, the people of Savannah have been slaves to Rhino and Inupa has been working to try to save Savannah's tree, the planet's living treasure. When team JET arrived, his first appearance was when he was blocking Rhino's car from passing, and would have gotten run over by the car if Diego hadn't tackled him out of the way. Later, Inupa ran off and Diego followed him, after a while, Diego stopped Inupa and Inupa thought that Diego was trying to stop him from goig to the tree, when really, he was preventing him from crushing a small sprout, and after realising this, became fast friends with Diego, calling him "big brother" or big bro", even.

Inupa later shows Diego his favourite spots within the roots of the Tree and explains the story, why Rhino was at Savannah in the first place and how he wanted to simply cut the tree down to obtain a rare mineral only residing on Savannah, Savannite.

After Diego and Inupa almost get killed when Rhino starts excavating, he watches the race between team JET and Rhino for the Tree of Savannah.

When Diego wins for team JET and the freedom of Savannah and after Rhino sent himself to his own doom in the cold depths of space, revealig the huge Savanite Ore in it's roots, Inupa remarked once again that the Tree of Savannah was they're "living treasure".