Kazuya "Kaz" Gordon is the main protagonist of Scan2Go and the leader of J.E.T..


Kaz completed his Scan2Go training with Coach Ray at the Scan2Go Training Facility on Earth, before leaving to race throughout the universe.


Kaz is a young boy with dark blue hair and honey colored eyes. He kept his hair in a ponytail, he also wears a blue colored vest with yellow and orange accents and underneath of it is a skinny maroon t-shirt. He wears a white pants with red lines and belts, a pair of blue shoes.


A hot-blooded boy who cares more about racing than eating three square meals a day. A member of J.E.T.. He talks tough, but is really kind, sympathetic, and tender-hearted. He is the main character and is filled with a sense of justice. He idolizes Zero, who is known as space's number one racer, and his favorite phrase is "faster than anyone." Aiming to become the fastest racer in space, he sets out on a training journey through space.