Last Chance - Putting it All on the Line! is the 40th episode of Scan2Go. This episode aired in America on June 8, 2013 at 7:00/6:00c on Cartoon Network, which was


As Team J.E.T. is hanging out watching a news report on the Grand Prix race, they learn it takes five challenge cup wins to qualify. As they start counting their wins, we learn their current win counts. Fiona, Myron have five wins each, Diego has six wins, Shiro has eight wins, but Kaz everyone realizes only has 4 wins!!! Why? He's been busy doing local races and ignoring the require races to enter the Final Grand Prix race!

In order for Kaz to enter the Final Grand Prix, he must enter and win the last challenge cup race of the season. The Great Challenge Cup is a long distance race taking place over three days in a rally format. Like Kaz we discover there are other Gurao graduates who only have four wins and are looking for their fifth win.

Can Kaz win his fifth race and qualify to enter the finals of the Grand Prix or will he have to wait out till next season? Is everyone participating there for the race or are other plans afoot?


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  • Cartoon Network and TV Guide released the episode title as "Last Chance?  Putting It All on the Line!," while the title inside the episode, itself is "Last Chance -- Putting it All on the Line!".
  • This episode is the first multiple part episode in both the series and in season one. The episode ends at the close of the first day of racing.



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Putting it All on the Line!" at Watch Cartoon]

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