Many episodes have background / extra characters never seen again in the series (or maybe once or twice more). There isn't enough information available to create an article for each individual character regardless of his or her screen time. Contained here is the available information on the short term characters. This page is for the character information and not information specifically about the individual voice actors.

Table Usage and Update Notes

The Background / Extra Character Information table (see below) is a sortable table and the initial presentation is as contributors add the information. The reason this table uses a sortable format is because different episodes use the same character name, but reference different characters and/or have different voice actors.

Examples are: "Man A," "Man B," "Man C," "Racer A," "Racer B," etc. In one episode "Man A" maybe a middle aged black male, while in another he could be an orange skin young male and have 5 arms. Additionally, it is possible a character (e.g. "Man A") to have different voice actors across different episodes. An example would be "Adam Hunter" as the voice actor for "Man A" in episode 39 and "Roger Rhodes" in a previous episode.

As such, you may wish to sort using secondary keys, instead of simply a primary key. Please review the Wikipedia help on secondary and primary keys to sort.

Background / Extra Character Information

Episode Name Voice Actor
 Follower A 1 - 31  "The Ugly Peachick"  Jonathan Love
 Follower B 1 - 31  "The Ugly Peachick"  Lucas Gilbertson
 Woman 1 - 31  "The Ugly Peachick"  Wendy Morison
 Follower A 1 - 33  "Wolver, the Flash"  Jud Niven
 Follower B 1 - 33  "Wolver, the Flash"  Lucas Gilbertson
 Racer A 1 - 35  "Revival, Antares"  William Scott
 Racer B 1 - 35  "Revival, Antares"  Ryan Stockert
 Racer C 1 - 35  "Revival, Antares"  Brendan Hunter
 Onlooker A 1 - 35  "Revival, Antares"  Scott Roberts
 Onlooker B 1 - 35  "Revival, Antares"  Jud Niven
 Child A 1 - 35  "Revival, Antares"  Carol Anne Day
 Child B 1 - 35  "Revival, Antares"  Angie Beers
 Racer A 1 - 37  "Wild Cats"  Leda Davies
 Racer B 1 - 37  "Wild Cats"  Wendy Morrison
 Fan 1 - 37  "Wild Cats"  Ryan Stockert
 Fan 1 - 37  "Wild Cats"   Jeff Watson
 Fan 1 - 37  "Wild Cats"  William Scott
 Fan 1 - 37  "Wild Cats"  Brendan Hunter
 Fan 1 - 37  "\Wild Cats"  Jon Lachlan Stewart
 Wise Old Man 1 - 39  "A New World"  Willam Scott
 Ashe 1 - 39  "A New World"  Matt Van Essen
 Samon 1 - 39  "A New World"  Brendan Hunter
 Baron 1 - 39  "A New World"  Blair Young
 Samon's Brother 1 - 39  "A New World"  Sam Duke
 Susan 1 - 39  "A New World"  Cheryl McMaster
 Man A 1 - 39  "A New World"  Adam Hunter
 Man B 1 - 39  "A New World"  Jon Lachlan Stewart
 Man C 1 - 39  "A New World"  Ryan Stockert
 Vendor 1 - 39  "A New World"  Roger Rhodes Roger Rhodes also does the voice for the DJ character.

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