Listed here are all characters which appear during the 52 episodes of Scan2Go.


Team Jet

Racer Car
Kaz Gordon Falgor
Myron Seagram Slazor
Diego Montana Giamoth
Fiona Ryder Leopatra
Shiro Sutherland Wolver

Team Dradd

Racer Car
Dradd Jape

Space Pirates

Racer Car
Hebina Hisstoria

Fake Team Jet

Racer Car
Fake Kaz Gordon Fake Galaxy Falgor
Fake Myron Seagram Fake Storm Slazor
Fake Diego Montana Fake Rock Giamoth
Fake Fiona Ryder Fake Infinite Leopatra
Fake Shiro Sutherland Fake Lightning Wolver

​Background characters

On the following list you find all background characters. Main article: List of background characters

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