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  • Hi Abce, as you haven't edited here for more than six months and me and IBHalliwell are continuous doing so (me giving structure to the wiki as I already did at Tenkai Knights Wiki), won't you mind to give us bureaucrat rights.

    Thank you in advance!

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  • Hi!

    I was able find the Cartoon Network ratings on Son of Bronx thanks to a help from "shadow" on He sent me the initial URL and a list of total viewers.

    After looking at the site, I realized there is additional information there, such as position in the lineup (e.g. 97 of 182) and the HH value (e.g. 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, etc).

    I'm creating a text file of this information and then will look at adding it to the episodes, as say trivia. An example of the file I'm creating is:

    Episode # Air Date Total Viewers CN Rank HH URL
    Episode 05 09/29/12 994,000 92 of 195 0.8
    Episode 06 10/06/12 1,020,000 95 of 212 0.7
    Episode 07 10/13/12 977,000 103 of 193 0.8

    I'm up to episode 22 and am taking a break to write this to you.  I'm also thinking an article combining all the information would be useful.  This way people can find the information by reading about the article on an episode by episode basis and then look at the overall data in one place.  This way we might see trends, too.

    Anyway, just FYI and if you have any feedback, comments, suggestions, requests, etc, please, let me know.


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  • Hi!

    I hope all is going well for you and as the subject says I have a concern about the future and while we could leave it for the future, I'd like to start thinking about it.

    Issue:  The TV series (at least for season 1) is ending sometime in August (I think) and the main / front page has a section named "Lastest Episode."  We show the latest, next, and upcoming episodes.  When the series ends this section of page real estate will become available and given its location and visibility I'd like to see something useful there.

    Thus over the coming days and weeks could you, please give some thought to what we could use the space for to benefit the wikia.  My thoughts thus far are:

    • Maybe redesign the entire page, but honestly I don't think this is necessary.  It is a valid consideration, though.
      * As for using it for something useful, yeah, but what?  One thought is to use it to help the other Scan2Go Wikia by advertising them. 
      * Another thought is to put information in there on a rotating basis, like the featured article section.  This way we could have the area help out in many ways.  While rotating like the featured article is one idea another might be something similar to the one on the left side of the screen.  My concern with that method is updating it quickly and easily.
      * Finally, something out of the box!
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  • Hey!

    By accident I found several Scan2Go resources on the Internet.  Specifically as Spanish Scan2Go Wikia site.  I also found the Spanish TV channel announcement for the Scan2Go TV series.  The announcement included that it was on Monday - Friday at 18:35.

    Unfortunately I have NOT been able to find anything stating all the air dates and while we could guess, well, we shouldn't.  After all maybe for some country reason they didn't show every episode one day after another Monday - Friday, but skipped a day here and there.

    I'm wondering if anyone of the other admins speaks Spanish and could contact the Spanish TV channel and see if they'd give us all the details we need.  Also what other language does our group know so we could contact the other countries.  (Personally, I'm from a rural Ohio area where English was the only language.  Yeah, I took French and Latin for college but that was decades ago and I'm not good enough now to help.

    Thought: Beside contacting the Spanish TV channel, if someone who knows Spanish might be able to get help from one of the people on the Spanish language Scan2Go Wikia.  Well, just a thought.

    I've not checked to see if there are other Scan2Go Wikia out there to also help us out or who we could help out.

    Anyway over to you! :-)

    I.B. Halliwell / Bert

    cc: Other Admins

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    • I could always use Google Translate, if you want to talk to another Wiki.

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    • Thank might work!  I've been hesitant to use translation tools for letter or even email writing because they translate words (sometimes very literally), but don't correct the grammar. When you compare English to other languages, our nouns and verb placement is, well, strange to them and they're strange to us.

      I learned this when working for Cray Research and later with IBM. We tried to translate our manuals with programs and it didn't work out well, when the native speakers got hold of the manuals. In the end, we ended up using humans for the translations.

      I'm all in favor of your going for it with Google Translate! Maybe it is an improvement over the past!! :-) I really hope it is!

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  • Hi!

    I decided to create a new article to cover all of the "Background / Extra Characters."  The idea is instead of creating an article for each of these minor characters, we could have one page covering all of them.  It would include the name of the voice actor and any notes.

    While creating it, I realized readers would want to be able to sort the table.  I explain this in the article.  I ALSO realized we might want to create a similar table for ALL characters and not just the minor characters.

    As I was playing around with the sorting, I saw several possibilities for seeing the overall work by voice actor.  Some of the regular / star voice actors also do the minor character.  A table showing all characters and voice actors would show this type of information quickly.  It would also show lots of other pattens and who knows whatelse.

    I'm bringing this up, as creating this table will end up being a lot of work, which is fine.  BUT, if there is a better way than a sortable table it would be great to know about it.  It would also be good to know in advance if you or someone else thinks or knows why this would be a bad idea.

    I know my presentation of the idea has been sketchy, but I'm wanting to get the idea down and am in "kind of" a rush.  Anyway, what do you think?  Do you need more information, whch is a fair reply.

    Thanks! :-)

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    • That's digger deeper then I ever would.

      Even for an encyclopedia about the show/game, I do find most unnamed background characters to not be noteworthy enough to warrant any mention. They don't really do anything but stand there, and I can't imagine anyone would want to know about "Vendor 5".

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    • I see your point, but, I've been of the opinion if its in the credits its worth documenting -- for the cast.  As for the crew, there are way too many of them to do in, except over the years.

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    • Wait, it's in the credits?


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    • Yeah, all the stuff I'm discussing is in the credits.  These are characters found in the ending credits and have speaking parts.  I consider them background / extra when they're only in one to three scenes in supporting role and not found in another episode (up to this time or expected to be in the future).

      ah, how else do you think I get the voice actor's name?  LOL! ::) right?

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  • I'm trying to get the feature article to random change or rotate.  To this end, I found a random template and I think I brought it over correctly, along with the mod template, which it uses.

    When I use the random template in preview mode, it seems to generate a different number each time.  Yet, after publishing it the number changes but very slowly.  The "seed" is the current time stamp (e.g. YYYYMMDDHHMMSS) and so should change every second.

    I've been able to determine that the current time stamp isn't updating with each refresh or load.  NOTE: I used different browsers and even different ISP (Comcast and Sprint) and the Current Time Stamp was the same in all cases (even 2 to 3 minutes later).  This would easily explain why the random function is not working nor is directly using the mod math template.  If the seed doesn't change, well, nothing else will change.  I suspect it changes at some point, but only in preview does it change frequently.

    Would you have any suggestions on what is happening and/or how to fix it. Originally, I thought it as my browser cache, but I ruled it out by using both Firefox and MS-IE. I also thought maybe my ISP was using a cache, but again by using a different ISP (Sprint and Comcast), I ruled this out. If the issue is a cache it is before the individual ISP.

    I got the random template from the wikia template site and thus would expect it to work. Anyway, your thoughts and/or advice would be great!!

    Second question:  Is there a way a person can write comments inside of an article and/or template?

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  • test

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