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Myron Seagram is a main character of Scan2Go, the youngest member of J.E.T. and also the youngest to participate in a race as stated in Episode 1. He is voiced by Leah Dubbin-Steckel.


Myron completed his Scan2Go training with Coach Ray at the Scan2Go Training Facility on Earth, before leaving to race throughout the Universe.


Myron is a boy with brown hair and magenta eyes. He often seen in a green jumpsuit with white and yellow cuffs vest, belt and red boots. He also wears brown fingerless gloves.


Sensible with a dislike for conflict, he is a typical, modern day kid. He keeps a cool exterior, but inside hides a callousness when it comes to competition. He is good with computers and has excellent analytical skills. He is an original member of Team J.E.T.







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