The opening song for the Cartoon Network version of Scan2Go is approximately 20 seconds in length, while the uncut / original opening song is around 90 to 92 in length.

This article covers the Cartoon Network / USA English dubbed version.


Scan2Go!  Fight on through to victory.
Scan2Go!  The best in all the Universe, with all your heart and soul, Scan2Go.
We're gonna fight on to the end. Scan2Go!

Lyrics obtained from multiple Closed Captioning for the Hearing Impaired episodes (#31, The Ugly Peachick through #43 Get Past the 100% Mark). NOTE: The gallery provides visual confirmation of these lyrics.


This version uses a variation of the uncut version by slightly changing the last three lines. The last three lines of the uncut / original opening song read as:

Scan2Go! Fight on through to victory!
Scan2Go! Ohhh! Best in all the Universe. With all your heart and soul, Scan2Go.
We're gonna fly on through the air! Scan2go!

The differences are the Cartoon Network version:

  • Drops the "Ohhh!" found in the next to last line
  • Adds the word "The," "in its place."
  • Pauses long enough for a comma instead of sending the sentence at Universe.
  • Refers to how Team J.E.T. and the other good guys will fight on to the bitter end for both winning their respective Scan2Go races and against the evil that comes up during their journey. The uncut version, on the other hand, refers back to the flying ability of several of the Scan2Go machines.




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