Ryu Kaizel is the main antagonist of Scan2Go.


A mysterious racer who suddenly barges into the Gurao racing school. His power is overwhelming and he has a strength that keeps others away. A cruel and unjust "Dark Dragon of Destruction" who states, "I race to see the loser's pain from grief and despair." He sees similarities to himself in Shiro and plots to keep in contact with him, could also make Shiro transform into a werewolf by giving him more power in which he could freeze everything in sight, he could make this by his body power. He could even make a blaze/fire from his hands

It is later revealed he is the "child sent by a black hole" who is sent to consume and banish everything into darkness. In the last episodes it's shown that his main goal is to destroy the entire universe. Master Hipopo informs Kaz and the others. His power comes from anger, destruction, hatred and other negative emotions. By winning over other racers, Ryu gains his power.

To save the universe and Scan2Go racing, Kaz Gordon and many others race against Ryu Kaizel in the final race.

The voice actor for Ryu Kaizel is Jonathan Love.


Ryu makes his first appearance in the episode "The Dragon of Destruction Arrives", In which he is made a trainee in Team Gurao, much to the others' disapproval.





Ryu has blue-green-wild eyes, under each edge of his eye, there are two-red tatoos with a shape of half of a bow. He has a brown-long-spiky hair in which they end on his cheeks, it looks sharp on his brow and it looks un-tiedwhen it ends in his neck. He has sharp teeth and good-looking face. About his body, his body is very muscular and looks perfect, he wears a gray vest with two, orange dragons of each side of the vest, the vest has no sleeves and it's usually on his blue clothes. He wears two-striped bands on each hands and he wears dark and white boots that end under his knees. He also wears a waistband in which he puts his machine in it.