The Scan2Go Internet Resources Center is the central article for all Scan2Go resources found on the Internet. The resource could be another wikia, such as the Spanish Scan2Go wikia or theItalian Wikipedia entry for Scan2Go. It is possible the resource may exist in both on the Internet and in physical world. In those cases, entries about the Internet version should be in one of these article with a reference / link to the physical world resource on this wikia.


By definition the information / resource pointed to by this article and subordinate articles is outside the control of this wikia. You may find the external resource is no longer available. Additionally, this wikia can not and will not be responsible for the content on other sites. Wikia by definition depends upon the contributions of many people who may or may not provide content you personally find acceptable. The administrator strive to check submitted content, but can not and will not be able to check offsite content on a regular basis.

Criteria for Inclusion and Exclusion

For inclusion in one of the three sub-articles (TV Series, Games & Toys, and Others/Miscellaneous), the resource (webpage or entire website) should be mostly about Scan2Go, as apposed to mentioning in passing or only a little bit. An example is the Cartoon Network monthly schedule announcement on In these cases, the Scan2Go information makes up a small fraction of the entire message. You can see the examples at:

Sub-Article Structure

We divide the Scan2Go Internet (and physical world) information / resources into three areas:

  1. The television series worldwide.
  2. The toys and games worldwide.
  3. Other / Miscellaneous

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