General Information

The Scan2Go Training Facility - Earth is the training facility where Team J.E.T. completed their training with Coach Ray before leaving Earth to peruse their dream of becoming Scan2Go racers.

In episode 44, {Repatriation! Rescue! Withdrawal!), we see the increased interest in Scan2Go racing allowed Coach Ray and others to build an new and expanded Scan2Go training facility beside the original training facility used by Team J.E.T.

Original Training Facility

The original training facility had the following areas

  • Male / Boys Dorm
  • Female / Girls Dorm
  • Classroom
  • Outdoor Scan2Go Racing Track.

New Training Facility

The new training facility has the following areas:

  • Lobby with Reception, Information, and Waiting Area.
  • Male / Boys Dorm
  • Female / Girls Dorm
  • Classrooms
  • Auditorium
  • Cafeteria
  • Indoor Scan2Go Racing Track
  • Outdoor Scan2Go Racing Track
  • Indoor Physical training and Workout rooms
  • Outdoor Physical training areas


Original Training Facility used by Team J.E.T. before leaving Earth

New Training Facility (seen in episode 44)

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