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Sometime in the near future, in an age in which we have established contact and communications with planets outside our galaxy, Scan2Go has become a huge phenomenon throughout all of outer space. Giant races are held at every locality, with each racer gunning for the title of the universe's number one racer! Read More...

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The Scan2Go Resource Center covers external sources of Scan2Go information found both on the Internet and in the physical world, such a print media. The three main areas are the worldwide Scan2Go television series, the Scan2Go games and toys, and other Scan2Go information, such as those generated by groups and individuals (e.g. fan fiction, puzzles, etc). As appropriate these resources may refer or point to resources found in this wikia.

NEW ARTICLE: The name Scan2Go seems to becoming popular outside the toy line and anime series. An example is in Singapore a local retailer is using a system by the name of Scan2Go. Read about it and other uses (as we become aware of them in the article Usage of the Scan2Go name beyond the toys and anime series.

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Kaz is a hot-blooded boy who cares more about racing than eating three square meals a day. A member of J.E.T. He talks tough, but is really kind, sympathetic, and tender-hearted. He is the main character and is filled with a sense of justice. He idolizes Zero, who is known as space's number one racer, and his favorite phrase is "faster than anyone." Aiming to become the fastest racer in space, he sets out on a training journey through space. Read More...

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45 Eve of the Final Grand Prix July 13, 2013
Next Episode
46 Start of the Final Grand Prix TBA[1]
Upcoming Episodes
47 Snow of Love Falls Upon the Desert TBA[2]
48 Where the Light Shines TBA[3]
  1. The Cartoon Network website shows the release date of this episode as July 20, 2013. It is also available to watch on the Cartoon Network available video webpage (again with a release/broadcast date of July 20, 2013). Yet, the episode did not broadcast on Cartoon Network at 07:00/06:00 EDT/CDT. Instead the "Legendary Sandwich" episode of Teen Titan Go interrupted the broadcast of the expected Scan2Go episode. Viewers were not given any announcement about the change in schedule. Cartoon Network did not given any indication as to when or even if Scan2Go episode would be on the air. Its unknown if Cartoon Network cancelled Scan2Go, delayed the episode by a period of time (e.g. an hour, day, week), or will ever show the episode on its broadcast channel.
  2. Cartoon Network originally scheduled/announced this episode for July 27, 2013. For some unknown reason Cartoon Network removed Scan2Go from the scheduled and did not inform the viewers as to its status (suspended or cancelled).
  3. Cartoon Network originally scheduled/announced this episode for August 3, 2013. For some unknown reason Cartoon Network removed Scan2Go from the scheduled and did not inform the viewers as to its status (suspended or cancelled).


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