Snow of Love Falls Upon the Desert is the 47th episode of Scan2Go. This episode was suppose to air on July 27, 2013, Cartoon Network dropped the episode from its scheduled. Cartoon Network is not informing the viewers of the status of this episode or of the series (e.g. cancelled, suspended, etc), thus Cartoon Network left its viewers wondering why and what is going to happen to Scan2Go.


TBA  The second priliminary race of the final grand prix is about to begin.The couse first starts from a modern city.Then it goes to a fast desert.Its one course with twice the trill.Its important for a racer to have a sence of balance.It seems to be a perfect course for Shiro. Kaz:whatever it is Shiro will surely win.Right? Shiro:Hmm.. Myron:C'mon don't forget,I'm gonna be in this race too. Kaz:I know. I know. Antares:I heard that. p.e.l: you! Antares:Don't forget about(pointing at himself) this guy either.And I guarentee i'm taking the first place. Fiona:You're in this event? (they hears kaz telling....) :What a shocker. No one's even expecting you to make it to the end.Too bad.. (Antares turns around and says...:Kaz, you'll get a big punch. Kaz:Hey i'm over here you know. Fiona:who is this? (Everyone seems to be confused)(the fake kaz's face changes...) :what'z up, long time no see. Kaz: It's you, it's that guy.yah...what was your name again? : (angrily) I'm Count Leon people! My name is Count Leon. Diego:oh,that's him. Fiona;you're not trying to be in the race trying to pretend to be someone else again,are you? c.leon:(happily)Oh no.i'm racing as myself this time. And i'm ready to win the championship. (sound of siren,and two racing cars arrives.) :we're the one's who's gonna win this race.right partner? :absolutely partner.In the name of intergalactic fedaration police. Diego:scadun and hatchiro. (a smoke appears) ;hey,rebick rebick rebick.Naturally the winner would be Mr. Rebick with his bunny power.I suggest you have a bad day. Diego;we have an interesting mix of racers for the second round. Fiona:A bunch of creepy caracter I say. antares:Don't mix me with them. (shiro nodded his head and looked up.He saw a lady walking in the gallery with her dog.) shiro:mother!(and goes running to search for his mother.) Kaz:shiro,wait. his mother! (shiro keeps running and searching. and when he stops rest of J.E.T. members comes running to him.) Kaz;your mother?you see her/ fiona:is she really here,shiro?Watching her son. Myron:That's a fantastic news.I mean,thats why you start racing in the first search for your mother,right? diego:you found her? and you were searching for her since you were just a kid? oh no i'm gonna cry when i'm think it. p.e.l.:(Crying)where can i get a tissue? shiro:can't just looked like her. Kaz:what are you talking about.There is no way you would mistake your mother.not even after all these time. Fiona:yah,that's right. diego:I can't be wrong. myron:we'll help you to look up for her.okay? (they keep searching ;mother!mother!) (they find someone with the same outfit.she turns around.she was an allien.shiro says no by nodding his time they finds a liitle kid!!) p.e.l.:mother? the little girl:my son? (shiro is a little embarraced) (they finds another lady with the same outfit.) p.e.l.:mother? (the lady turns around.She's an old lady!) the old lady:what!(she coudn't hear because of hearing problem!!!!) p.e.l.:mother?(they found someone again) (that lady turns around and........omg(lol) she is not she but he.I mean he was a man!!!!) shiro:hmmm..... (behind him amother was cleaning her son's mouth.;let me clean that.) myron:there's so many people here.This turning out to be alot more harder than i thought. Kaz:look,the moment we give up the race is over.We're gonna find her okay? diego:no argument here. shiro:forget it.guys just leave me alone.(he walks away.) myron:hey wait, don't forget about me.(myron runs along) Kaz:poor guy. dj:the second priliminary race is about to get underway.the favourite to win this is shiro sutherland no other racer even comes close.all the other racers are about the same level.there's no surprise who wins then. Antares:just wait. i've got a lot of move which would knock you outside,shiro. myron:somethings wrong.


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