Start of the Final Grand Prix is the 46th episode of Scan2Go. This episode was suppose to air in America on July 20, 2013 Cartoon Network at 7:00/6:00c, but failed to do at that time. Instead Cartoon Network showed an episode of Teen Titan Go ("Legendary Sandwich"). Cartoon Network did post a copy of the episode on their website with a broadcast date of July 20, 2013. The copy of this episode posted on the Cartoon Network website does not include Closed Captioning for the Hearing Impaired viewer. It is unknown if and/or when Cartoon Network will (or did) show this episode on it broadcast channel.


Thirty two Scan2Go racers from across the Universe qualified for the Space Championship: The Final Grand Prix race held this time around on Earth. The first round consists of four races of eight racers each. The top three in each group advance to the second and final round. The winner of the second round (12 racers) becomes the official number one racer in the Universe!

Grand Master Hipopo is the chairman of the event. We learn from his opening speech over half of the qualified racers are rookies to the Final Grand Prix. They will inject a lot of new fresh talent into the event.

Meanwhile Ryu Kaizel is on his way to Earth blowing through a small star in what looks to be a fire ball comet.

Advancing to the second round from this group of eight are: King Kraken, Space Pirate Hebina, and Team J.E.T. member Fiona Ryder.


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