The Enemy is JET is the 38th episode of Scan2Go. This episode aired in America on Cartoon Network May 25, 2013 at 7:00/6:00c, which was


When is Team J.E.T. not Team J.E.T.? When they have yet to learn about the strength of their marketing! It seems Team J.E.T., which now clearly includes Shiro Sutherland, has so much name recognition and so little protection pirates and thieves (Fake Team J.E.T.) are stealing their good name and leaving the team to clean up the mess! Can our heroes solve this problem and restore their name on planet Alto and what about the rest of the Universe? Is it time for Team J.E.T. to get a lawyer, manager, etc? Is this the end of Team J.E.T. the fun loving racers and the beginning of Team J.E.T. the business?


Races / Race Results

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