The Eternally Passionate Guys is the 42nd episode of Scan2Go. This episode aired in America on June 22, 2013 at 7:00/6:00c on Cartoon Network, which was


It is Kaz's last chance to qualify for the Final Grand Prix race and can he do it? With the race 2/3 complete, Kaz has only one day left to come from behind (second place each day) to win The Great Challenge Cup. It doesn't look like Kaz is using all of his Scan2Go passion, until three brothers (Barry, Garry, and Jerry) show him their passion, which is so great that they cheer on Kaz. Will it be enough, though, given no one has ever beaten these brothers in the history of the race?

What of the Wise Old Man, who has been warning everyone who will listen, that the land is angry? Will this endanger the race and maybe end it before the third day is over, and thus Kaz's only chance to qualify for the Final Grand Prix race with five wins?

What about the others who need this win to enter the Final Grand Prix? Will Gurao graduates Hebina and King Kraken and Team Dradd member Monkey fail to qualify? Remember only one can take first place and thus gain the necessary qualifying win for the Final Grand Prix race.


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  • Kaz Gordon is the last person, in the Scan2Go Universe / TV series, to qualify for the Grand Prix Final Race.



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