The Ugly Peachick is the 31st episode of Scan2Go. This episode aired in America on April 6 2013 at 7:00/6:00c on Cartoon Network.


Planet Botto is a world of various sentient birds and about to have its Trial Cup race. While not on Team J.E.T.'s planned stops, fate (or maybe the writers) have different plans. A legacy Scan2Go racer lost the will to race and views Scan2Go as nothing more than a game. Kaz comes to his aid and helps both him and his machine start their journey.

We, as viewers, learn more about the relationship between a machine and its racer. Don't miss this episode, if you want more clues and facts on the machine and racer relationship.


Races / Race Results

Notes, Trivia, Quotes, etc




Production Notes


Character Debuts

Ongoing Characters

Background / Extra Characters



External Links / References

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