So, hi. Guess this isn't much of a blog post, but more of a report, i guess?

Anywho, though i know Scan2Go retired from airing a little while back, i'm still in episoe 13 right now, so i'm not that deep into it yet, but none the less, i love Scan2Go, so i'll do my best to make this wikia as good as it can be, so that if people need to go back to something specific, they can!

Anyways, i'm not qualified to make edits on important characters, such as Team JET, because it might be proven wrong later as i watch the series, but small tidbits of information, like the edit i made on Antares' page aout his name are all i can do unless appearance and personality portions need to be given and i am given permision to make such a large edit to a really important profile. 

But besides that, i've been making and editing pages for minor characters who are basically one-shots and won't make another appearance, most probably, such as my 2 favorites, Latch and Inupa. I've tried my best to build up their profiles, but as they're only one-shots, not much can be put. 

So, yeah, if anything needs to be changed that takes specific detailing, i guess i'm here to help! 

See yah, i have to go now, another mission message from a differnt wikia came in tht i have to attend to, bye! 

Ari out

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