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    I just watched a news report at "Couple fined $3,500 for online review" and found it both interesting and enlightening. A couple wrote an honest, but negative, review and then 4 years later the company --Klear Gear -- "fined" them $3,500. When they didn't pay up, the company turned it over to a collection agency and dinged their credit history. When they went to buy a new car (using a loan), they couldn't get the loan.

    More and more companies are doing this ... fining you when they don't like your review and then getting you to pay by saying it is a valid bill and turning it over to a collection agency. Of course, you can tell the agency it is not a valid bill during the 30 day validation period, but it is still on your credit h…

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  • IBHalliwell

    Hey again everyone,

    The Comcast home tech did show up on Sunday and actually 30 minutes early, which is great! She was a wonderful person and provided us great information about the X1 and Comcast in general.

    Unfortunately, the 2nd level person didn't leave any notes in the ticket he wrote and she had no clue as to why she was showing up. I explained to her what I remembered the 2nd level tech telling me and she wasn't sure what to do, but said she take and record general signal information.

    As for the Mocha filters, they (also) were not in the ticket and she didn't have enough for us. After looking at the three X1 DVR hubs at our place, she agreed we need the Mocha filters. She called around talking to the techs on duty at the time and c…

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  • IBHalliwell

    Today I met the best and worst of Comcast employees!


    It all started around 16:20 to 16:30 CDT, when I got an automated phone call from Comcast. The message said the service interruption in the area was over and the system was cancelling any home visit. If the problem continued, please call 800-COMCAST.

    I decided to 1-800-COMCAST, as I did have an home visit scheduled for Sunday, September 8, 2013 between 17:00 and 19:00. I felt there were two reasons the home visit should go on ahead:

    1. A level 2 tech person is the person who scheduled the visit because he wanted an home tech to run some specific tests for him. The signals coming from the box are not normal or corrupted by the length of the line to our home. (We live towards the end o…
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    I'm not sure what is up with Comcast, but today I got a call from a person on the Comcast tier 2 X1 support team. He wanted to arrange an home visit to have someone check out one of our X1 DVR hubs. It isn't mine but the one in bedroom 2. He also (upon my request) going to have the X1 filters installed on each of the individual boxes.

    As for when they're coming, well, Sunday September 8, 2013 between 17:00 and 19:00 CDT. Yeah, I didn't know Comcast home techs worked on Sunday. In the past I had a Sunday visit, but they never showed up on Sunday, but instead rescheduled. Time will tell the tale, as will this blog what occurs.

    As always take care and I hope we get to see Scan2Go soon again in English! :-)

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  • IBHalliwell

    I'm hoping we get to see how Scan2Go ends before it hits Netflix, but hey, what matters is seeing how it ends. I've heard so many different things, I'm not sure what is true and what is not true. I really dislike what Cartoon Network is doing to Scan2Go fans. It is very disrespectful. I mean how expensive can it be to show us the final episodes (I'm assuming they're already translated).

    What got me thinking was an advertisement for both Netflix and the Google Chromecast device. At first I was wondering why on the Chromecast device, but then realized it would go great with hotel rooms with HDTV units, but you can't access their apps or they're not connected to the net.

    Why don't I see it good for homes? Well, I thought, most HDTV coming…

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