I'm not sure what is up with Comcast, but today I got a call from a person on the Comcast tier 2 X1 support team. He wanted to arrange an home visit to have someone check out one of our X1 DVR hubs. It isn't mine but the one in bedroom 2. He also (upon my request) going to have the X1 filters installed on each of the individual boxes.

As for when they're coming, well, Sunday September 8, 2013 between 17:00 and 19:00 CDT. Yeah, I didn't know Comcast home techs worked on Sunday. In the past I had a Sunday visit, but they never showed up on Sunday, but instead rescheduled. Time will tell the tale, as will this blog what occurs.

As always take care and I hope we get to see Scan2Go soon again in English! :-)

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