Today, a Comcast home tech visited and installed an Anywhere or Any room filter. He said the issues we were having with OnDemand, missing videos, recordings not starting, recordings getting deleted and even erased was because of the missing filter. Turns out my thought of another account getting into my X1 was / is correct.

I asked why the situation affect my X1 and not the other two. He said it was because mine is first on both the physical line into our home and on the account.

I asked him about possible hackers (now or in the future) and he said, he never thought about it, but yeah, given this experience hacking the X1 might be possible. You'd have to get past the filter, but . . . of course some people don't have them, too. (Such as the other account affecting our home.)

After the visit, OnDemand is again working. Only time will tell the tale about recordings starting. Even before the visit on the 26th of August 2013, I saw recording issues on my X1 DVR. When recording 3 or 4 programs it would fail to record 1 to 2 or even 3 programs.

So, hopefully, the X1 will record Scan2Go should / when it comes back on the air.

BTW, I was reading and according to a Russian newspaper Scan2Go is going to be showing in Russia!! Why do they get to see this outstanding series and not us!???? Why, Cartoon Network, why??

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