I'm not sure why, but this weekend seems to be going by sooooooooo quickly!  I'm getting in each day, but I think missing a day would have been real easy to do.  Well, it has been for me this weekend.

But why should I care and/or even try to make it each and every day?  OK, I admit I've noticed the badges and aren't they there for us to notice?  After all they're on our profile and talk pages sitting right there waving at us . . . saying "Hi! Here we are. Take notice of us!" After awhile they caught my eye and I'd like to see the next one, so on and so forth.

So, yeah, I want my 30 day badge. I'm not sure what, if anything, come after 30 days. If there is something, I might go for it, too. Time will tell. I mean a 365 day badge sounds great, but actually getting it. I mean, not missing a day could be next to impossible because of natural disasters, man made problems, vacations (holidays), etc. We all have things in our lives, so IMHO the "day badges" should come with a margin of leeway depending upon the period. Thus for the 5 day badge, no leeway and maybe none for the 2 week badge. A day missed for the 30 days, and maybe up to 14 days for the year badge, might be a good idea.

Would it detract from the badge? I'm not sure. It still would mean a lot to me!! One thought might be to have the badge with a gold star and without a gold star. With the gold star means perfect attendance and without mean you meet the criteria but not perfect. They both are equal and earning one means neither shows up again and waves at you. NOTE: There should be a way for someone who has the non-gold-star version to upgrade (without losing the gold star version, though, if (s)he wants to go for it).

Maybe it would be too much programming. I'm not sure. I know as a retired programmer (yeah, programming has been around long enough for some of us to have gone to the "beach") it is possible. I learned ANYTHING you can see or do in the real world from an accounting or repetitive perspective is programmable!! ANYTHING! If you think otherwise, you're a little short on being correct.

Don't know if anyone will ever read this blog entry or care, but well, there it is . . . one lazy and much too quick weekend day.

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