After some thought, I'm leaning towards the following sections for all episodes. Opening / first paragrah not associated with the numbered outline.  This typically gives the episode name, number, air date and time in the USA on Cartoon Network.

  1. Summary
  2. Recap / Details (New section)
  3. Races and Race Results (New section)
  4. Characters (Restructed)
    1. Debuts
    2. Seen
  5. External Links / References
  6. Videos
  7. Galleries

I'm basing this upon looking at other wikia that cover TV series, as well as, the uniquenes of Scan2Go (racing) and the existing structure.

So the first step would be to structure all the episodes as above and then go back adding information.  This way others could add the above information as they're able without waiting on my getting both to the episode and having all the details for the new / existing sections.

The above doesn't mean we can't change it, but we need both consistency (which doesn't exist) with all episodes, and the new sections provide use information.

Oh, one concern I had was on the Recap and Race / Race Results section.  While the recap / details section would include the race and results, the purpose of the race / results section is to highlight the participates and results in a standardized format.  The recap / details would go into what happened during the race, the dirty tricks, the response to the tricks, lessons learned by both bad and good guys, evolutions, etc.

BTW, again I'm wondering about spell checking and the blog text input area.  I'm wondering why the Firefox spell checker see the article input area just fine, but not this one.  Anyone have thoughts or knowledge?

Well, enough, for now, everyone take care! :-)

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