Well, the first step is complete! :-) We have consistency within the episodes.  One consistency issue, I noticed is the chracter names and making sure they're correct at the episode level.  Unfortunately, the Watch Cartoon Online resolution for the individual episodes is not good enough to get all of the character names and voice actors.  The ending credits are also how I insure the spelling of the characters. I'm sure we'll get them 100% in the end, but for now, they're the best we're able to do (we, as in those before me and I).

I did update the structure to include a "Note, Quotes, Allusions, etc" section with subsections for Trivia, Quotes, Allusions, and Production Notes.   Yeah, there might be more subsections, which is why I added "etc" to the title of the main section.

What's next?  I know I'd like to add captured stills from the videos I have and maybe from the Watch Cartoon Online site.  Does anyone kow of better resolution captuers of the episodes, which they'd share with me, please?

Another item I'd like to work on soon is making sure each episode has a summary.  TBA is simply not enough, LOL!!  While a recap / details would be nice, when I write them they take forever, as I cover each detail.  Before the recaps, I suspect the Race and Race Results section should be up, as I've said this is a racing series!

Oh, which gets me to wondering . . . How many out there are into NASCAR?  I'm realizing I like this series, yet, I'm not into NASCAR.  Hence, I'm wondering how many others are into Scan2Go, but not NASCAR.

Another area needing help are the planets!!  There are many of them, but only two articles last time I checked (I believe).  ***NOTE***  Besides the Firefox spellchecker not working in the blog section, I'm also noticing the linking to articles doesn't work.  (Which also reminds me to ask about linking to categories and how to do it, if it is even possible.)

Anyway, I'm not sure what I'll work on in the next 24 hours.  Only time will tell the tale, though!  See you tomorrow! :-)

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