I have been playing Final Fantasy XI, since March 2004 (that's right over 9 years)! Over the years we (my cub & I) took breaks, but we keep coming back to it. A few months ago I took a break and just came back this week. Obviously our systems (One Sony PS3, Two Sony PS2, and Two Windows 7 systems) are out of date and needed updates applied.

After everything applied, we're having an issue with logging out and shutting down. About 80% of the time the logout / shutdown process hangs. You can continue doing certain things (like search, playing with your equipment, etc) but other things you can't do (beside logging out you can't zone, etc). Typically the connection is stable at 100% and the S / R counters show data going back and forth, but its like the server is ignoring the logout / shutdown request.

Anyway when I called Square Enix support, well, my impression is they follow a script and if it doesn't fit in their script, they blame you or anyone else but their system. Given we've seen the problem on TWO ISP (Comcast and Sprint), on two different platform over five systems, and three POL accounts, I don't think it is an ISP network issue, bad install, etc.

I'm just tired and running out of ideas on how to approach this issue. I posted this (in more detail) in the FFXIclopedia forms and the Windower forums. Thus far no replies (well last time I checked), but hopefully someone will have an idea or two on where to go from here.

Given I have so much invested in time and stuff with FFXI, going to another MMORPG isn't a firm thing, but I'd be interested in hearing about other MMORPG systems and what YOU think of them.

Take care and have a great day! :-)

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