Yeah, I was going say that we have Scan2Go in common, but what else intersts you each day besides this TV series and/or the machine?

But, actually I'm going to ask what is it about Scan2Go that interests you and keeps you coming back week after week to watch it -- or to race the machines?  (Hey, they don't call them cars in the episodes, so why should we?)

Maye if we understand this we could figure out how to get more people to visit and participate.  Hmmm, also would it be valid to include this wikia and its existence in say the Scan2Go entry (for the various languages)? 

Finally, I've noticed the Firefox spell checker (built in) doesn't work on this the text area used for blogs.  Anyone know of spell checker that does work for these blogs?  I use it more as a typing corrector, personally, but yeah, sometimes I'm just not sure how a word goes . . .

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