Hi Stardustdragon123!!

Welcome to the Scan2Go Wiki and thank you so very much for your participation. I hope you don't mind this public thank you and if you do, I apologize.

Anyway, Not much in the last 24 hours. I'm working on my roommate's Dell laptop (well, my cub). He's wanting Final Fantasy XI reinstalled on it, while's he is in the hospital (over night we think after an operation). We're reinstalling FFXI, as we've been having an issue with logging out. When we try to logout, we can't as game console hangs or the FFXI application on Windows hangs, too. We've reproduced the problem on different ISP, different operating systems, and on both game consoles and Windows systems. When I called Square Enix support, they said it had to be the ISP fault. Yet, we have this problem with both Comcast and Sprint . . . I'm not impressed by the Square Enix technical support people. They seem to read from a script and once the script ends, well, they blame someone who you can't get help you . . . such as the ISP.

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