Hey! Why not blog here, too?!

Inquiring minds would really love to know, please! Hey, maybe not everyday of the week, but is once or twice a week too much? You could tell us what's going on in your world, your opinion of the last Scan2Go episode, how the Scan2Go Wiki is coming along, work you're doing on another wikia, how your school / studies are coming along, tell us about some of your favorite stuff, and, well, honestly, the list can go on and on.

Sure, sure, you could be blogging on Facebook, Livejournal, or somewhere else, but you could also do what I've done . . . use the same topic on two different blogging sites and make slight adjustments in both given they have different readership.

Well, its an idea! I'd just like to have the opportunity to get to know my fellow Scan2Go Wiki members better. Is that too much to ask for, in your opinion?

Take care till the next time I blog here or there (usually

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