User:Nightmare9188 recently updated the list of episodes to include the possibility of a second season of Scan2Go!! Basically:

Scan2Go got showcased at theTAF 2013. This fact suggests it would air soon in Japan. Also it was mentioned in an article of the Japan Times. A second season may be announced when Scan2Go finally airs in Japan.

My thought is we should consider how to design this Wikia to support multiple seasons and also multiple broadcast venues. Right now we're covering Cartoon Network and have some of the Korean air dates. I'm thinking we should have an article or articles about the broadcast channels and dates from around the world and not just CN and Korea.


  1. Change the list of episodes:
    1. Change current "Episode Number" column to "Overall Episode Number."
    2. Add two new columns, Season and Season Episode Number.
    3. Remove the Korean Air Date column.
    4. Rename the English Air Date column to be "Cartoon Network Air Date."
  2. Create a new article or articles supporting the various International (non-Cartoon Network) broadcasts. It would include room for the broadcast channel and first air dates. This way we would be a resource covering all broadcasts worldwide and not just Korea and Cartoon Network.
  3. The other Wikia items needing change would be the individual episode articles and the episode template. Specifically, I see the adding of the season, season episode number, and relabeling the current episode number as overall episode number to both the articles and template.

I'm pretty sure on how to implement this idea, except for updating the templates (e.g. infobox episodes). Any help in this area would be great!

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