A little while ago (actually a few minutes before the new day UTC, wise, and just before 19:00 here in Chicago), I noticed some comments on my blog entries!  The user Nightmare9188 earned his And One More Thing badge by making comments to ten different blogs. I noticed he commented on several of my blogs (but I didn't count to see how many of the ten were my blog entries). As far as I know he's the first person to earn this badge using blog entries I wrote. I hope he won't be the last. :-)

Well, I updated the site front page to reflect the new episode (Tricolor Guys), but haven't updated the episode summary or article. I started doing this on the Scan2Go website, but got side tracked by one of my roommates (our cub).

Guess that's it for now. I hear my husbear, who just got home from running errands. He and our cub are talking. Maybe about dinner, after all it is after 19:00 here. Take care, everyone!

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