Not much going on here in the last 24 hours. If something comes up worth discussing, I'll add it here. What I have been working on is helping one of my roommates get ready for surgery on Monday (June 17, 2013), add a feature article to the main page for this wiki, updating the Scan2Go Broadcast Markets article, and finally discussing with other admins about creating a resources article for Scan2Go.

Oh! One other thing that went on today!! Brothers, Torn Apart was on the air and it's a good episode. I uploaded the title still and added it to the article, but have yet to write a summary for it (here and at I guess I'm behind, but I've been watching TV with my roommate who will be going in for surgery and spending time with him.

I guess I did do more than I initially thought over the last 24 hours.

Take care! :-)

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