I'm now learning about adding photos and again going through the school of hard knocks, as I'm not sure where to read about it.  So, I was looking for examples and trying to find the page for the photo showing the first episode's name.  I finally found it by manually typing in the name, which I feel isn't the best way.  Yet, when I clicked on the image I saw the image but not its page.  (What I wanted to look at was an example of the description.)

In order to start finding the photos easier, I decided to create a photo or photo type category.  Unfortunately, creating a cateogry isn't like an article where a preview exists.  In this case, it is immediate and thus far I can't figure out how to rename or delete it.

Still have the original issues withe photos, learning about them by reading and/or from others.  But I'm moving ahead after waiting a bit for a reply.  Thus far I upload the name of episode 32 (Ghost Racer) and I'll try to find and upload all the missing ones.

Well, that's all for now! :-)

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