Over the last 2 hours (18:15 - 20:08 CDT) got I started taking stills (using VLC) of Race Kingdom. The copy I'm using had closed captioning for the hearing impaired active, so the stills also contain context to help the viewer. I took more than necessary, so I could get (or try to get) words associated with the scene. My thought is to have the key words as part of the caption, but you never know. It all might turn into so much work that it really isn't going to come off. From a raw count perspective, I have 315 still, which is obviously way to many. Best would be say one still per scene, which maybe way to many anyway.

On! On the Firefox spell checking and wikia linking, it stopped again when I started writing this blog entry. It was then I realized what is going on. When I'm in source mode, the spell checker and linking work GREAT, but when in visual mode, well, they don't work at all. The downside of source is you have to know / memorize all of the formatting yourself, but it gives you great power to easily write and format the entry. Honestly, I know some but not all of the formatting, well, time will tell the tale . . . At least I now better understand what is going on with spell checking and wikia linking.

QUESTION: Should the Firefox spell checking and link building work in visual mode? If not, why?

Well, enough for now. See you tomorrow! :-)

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