As an example of what the Race and Race Results section could / should look like, I added the results from the race in the first episode, Going for Number 1!. I decided to go with a table, as there might be more than one race per episode. Maybe there won't be, but just in case, we should be prepared. (Of course, those who have been lucky enough to see all 52 episodes could tell us, but they're not talking to me (at least).) The idea is to have one table per race with a table having three rows / sections (Participates (team or individual), Results, and Notes). An example is below:

QUESTION/CONCERN: Should this section cover only the highlighted races in an episode? In episode one Going for Number 1! there are several races, as it is a tournament, and some don't include Team J.E.T. or even the major / minor Scan2Go characters. Should this section cover all races, even those only briefly mentioned and which may have only partial information.

(Hey! For some reason the Firefox spell checker is now working. Thank you to whomever fixed this issue.  Second:  I'm also able to use linking inside the Source area, just as one can inside the articles. Another big thank you.)

So, here is the example from episode 1. If you have an idea / thought / suggestion on improving it, please, let us hear it, as what I did is ONLY a first stake in the ground to get us going.

Race Team J.E.T. versus Team Dradd:

Winner: Dradd of Team Dradd.

First Runner up: Diego Montana of Team J.E.T.

  • This is Team J.E.T.'s first tournament, which upsets various members of Team Dradd, as they had to work hard to represent their planet.
  • Team Dradd advances to the next heat. Other than Diego, no other member of Team J.E.T. finished instead they crashed.
  • . Kaz Gordon, though, makes a great effort at the end showing off his extended Falgor golden wings for the first time.

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