There is so much information needed and useful for this wikia, I find myself feeling overwhelmed sometimes when doing the work.  Recently I examined the episode titles (as found in the episide, themselves) against the titles in this wikia and some of them didn't match.  It could be a comma or as much as most every word.  After working for several hours, I think (yearh, think) I have them all matching in the episodes and in the list of episodes.

What's next?  I'd like to:

  • Add gallery photos to the various episodes.
  • Add an external link / reference section to each episode.  This would link to external Scan2Go websites related to the episode.  (YouTube, WatchCartoonOnline,, etc)
  • Add a Recap section to each episode
  • Update every episode article to have the same structure (e.g. Summary, Recap, New characters, Appearing characters, Videos, Gallery, External websites / references).  I'd love suggstions on what additioanl sections episodes required / could use.
  • Add character articles for those characters not yet created.
  • Add voice cast members for those not yet created.
  • Update and standardize the machines so they're current.  Insure each article looks the same (e.g. same sections, wording, etc).

I know there is more after this list and maybe some of these unseen items are more important and will rise quickly up the list.  Only time will tell the tale on what gets done and when, right?!

Well, take care everyone!

UPDATEOK, remember how I was saying there would be stuff to do not on the list and how it would rise quickly.  I just remembered something to add to the episodes.  Races and race results!!!  I mean this is a series about racing and we don't discuss or record the race?!  What gives?

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