OK, maybe you already know this but I didn't and want to share with you. BTW, please feel free to share this with others but try to remember to give me some credit. If you can't it's OK, though.

What has me so excited? In Firefox (and maybe other browsers) is the ability to save cookies for:

  • As long as the cookie requests
  • For this session only
  • Deny saving / accepting the cookie at all.

You can set this behavior up by default for all cookies or, as I do, decide as the cookie requests come into the browser.

OK, that's it. Ah, you're say, why is this so cool!?

Some websites limit your usage per day or I should say usage over a period of time, whether that be per day, hour, week, minute, etc. There are at least two ways to perform this limit:

  1. At the web server level (where the web page comes from on the Internet)
  2. At the browser (client) level by using one or more cookies.

Today, for example, I was able to go over the normal daily limits of the LA Times and the Search Bug website. I accomplished this by accepting their cookies on a per session basis. This means when I close the browser the cookies go away and thus any "memory" of how many times I accessed the site. When I start Firefox back up and access those websites again the javascript code they use to limit daily usage believes I never accessed the site.

OK, sounds great but why do I make this decision in real time instead of setting this up as the default?

Well dude (and dudettes), there are some website I was to remember their cookies, such as my bank,,, the Scan2Go Wiki, Wikipedia, etc. These sites have an "Allow" level instead of "Session" or "Deny."

That is it!! I'm not going into the details on how to set this up in Firefox, as there are several other places to learn the how to aspect of maintaining your cookies in Firefox. On the other hand, if you need help finding this information and/or understanding it, please feel free to contact me.

Have fun!

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