OK, its just my opinion but Sony should provide backward compatibility with its upcoming Playstation 4 for disc and streamed PS 1, PS 2, and PS 3 games. Why? Sell more hardware. If the manufacturing cost worries Sony they should take a hint from IBM and its PS/2 (Personal System/2) by supporting daughter and/or high speed cards with direct access to the motherboard and its features. This way they could sell compatibility by type (up to and including supporting all 4 types of games).

Allow users to use external devices, too by arranging with selected manufacturers to certify their present and future devices with the PS4 and its add-on processors.

Finally, allow users to upgrade the various components of the device. This way the initial price is low and Sony will have an on-going revenue stream between major versions. This is what IBM did during the 1950-1980 with its mainframe line to be a very large and profitable company. The idea was to extract every penny from the IT budget by giving them steady and noticeable performance and feature improvements during the time between major model releases!!

Users already are used to upgrading their PC, workstations, and even laptops. Why not their game consoles? Yeah, users would love to do it!! Given:

  • So much time between release of new game consoles
  • Users aren't happy with many aspects of the new game consoles
  • Users are keeping their old game consoles
  • There is a very active and much alive market for used (and dead stock) PS1 and PS2 systems

Sony needs a way to encourage all of its game console users to buy new hardware. An incremental sales approach using (A) Sony, (B) Sony licensed, and (C) Sony certified external hardware would put a constant revenue stream into the hands of the Sony Corporation and its shareholders.

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