While working on the [[A New World|latest episode] Cartoon Network showed today, I realized we needed to do something about the minor characters. Linking them to their own articles, while possible, isn't really a good idea. Instead I decided to create an article for the background and extra characters in each episode. My thought was to provide information for each of these characters, such as the name of the voice actor and any notes or additional information someone can provide for the character or voice actor.

As I was developing the table, I realized keeping it in an usable order, while possible, wasn't going to be easy. Another thing I realized is there was more than one way to view (sort) the table to provide useful analysis.

It was then I decided we needed a sortable table. Off to the help files to learn how to code up a sortable table. During this time, I learned a lot of interesting facts, tips, techniques, etc.

An example is you can't use preview to test out sortable tables! Why? Sortable tables use your browser's javascript and the preview mode turns off javascript for the preview. Thus to check your work, you need to publish. Hey, there are valid times to publish untested / reviewed work, but they're few and far between. Sortable tables is one of them.

I also learned you can't sort and use column headers that use multiple rows and columns. Any column using them and those following said column may show the sorting buttons, they don't work. I was trying format header with the word "Episodes" crossing two columns ("Season Number" and Name). While it looked good, only the columns before the episode columns sorted at all. After going to a simple header approach of one heading per column, the sorting works fine!

Another idea crossed my head to create another sortable table (different article) with all the characters, voice actors, notes, etc. This table would give us a way to view and see the voice actors and their roles, as well as characters and their actors. For what purpose? I've noticed some of the Scan2Go stars also will do minor characters from time to time. A complete character / voice actor table will give us the ability to see everywhere and how a specific actor was involved in the series. There are also other possibilities.

QUESTION: Anyone know if it is possible to convert a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to a wikia table (sortable, say)? Conversely is is possible to convert an wikia table to an Excel spreadsheet. I think this is possible simply by using copy & paste with Microsoft Windows. I'm not sure, though, about using the spreadsheet to create the table. Anyone know?

Well, enough for today. Till next time. Tomorrow, the next, or ... well, sometime. Take care!! :-)

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