With Cartoon Network no longer showing episodes of Scan2Go on its broadcast channel, our only hope to see how the season and/or the series ends is to watch it on another source. Last week when they didn't show it on Saturday, July 20, 2013 Cartoon Network did release the a video copy on their website. Our hope is they'll release the next episode this coming Saturday (tomorrow, July 27, 2013). Only time will tell the tale and hopefully we'll get to see how it all ends.

Sigh, its just what is releasing Scan2Go is that really distasteful version of Teen Titans (Teen Titans Go!). I apologize to everyone (even those at Cartoon Network, who love / enjoy the newest version of the Teen Titans. Honestly, it grates on my nerves similar to fingernails on a blackboard, but I can respect your right to love and/or enjoy it. I just can't be part of the support / fan club, especially given its replaced two of my favorite TV series, Scan2Go and Young Justice/Young Justice Invasion.

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