WOW!! Did you watch the race between Kaz Gordon and Nicol on the Galactic Internet Video system?!! WOW!! Nicol was a robot, but Kaz Gordon still won!! It's so cool the Final Grand Prix is coming to Earth!!

I wonder has it every happened where a planet goes in just one season from entering its first and only Scan2Go team to having both:

  • The Final Grand Prix hosted by the planet, plus
  • All the team members qualify for the Final Grand Prix???

I just hope that Ryu Kaizel guy doesn't come to Earth and do what he did to the Ditona Circuit here to our planet!! Then again Kaz Gordon wasn't there at Ditona Circuit when Ryu Kaizel attacked. Yet / on the other hand Professor Zero was there and he's one of the best, if not the best, active racer. Of course, there are better racers, such as Grandmaster Hipopo, but he's not been in a sanctioned race for several years.

Anyway, its so cool! I can hardly wait, as Kaz Gordon says!

Also, I noticed the Scan2Go Wiki just hit its 200th article / page!!! COOL, MAN, COOL!!!

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