The creators and writers did a great job of giving us a Luke meets Yoda allusions, without actually mentioning Star Wars directly (at least I have yet to catch a direct mention).  With how Shiro meets up with Master Hipopo to the ending where we see the power of the, well, ah, whatever, or from where ever he gets his power.  Of course, the ending is a Scan2Go unique direction and opening us up to some really wonderful possibilities.

Part of me wants to look ahead and see how this all turns out (given it has already been seen in Asia, the answers are out there).   Hmmm, this also brings up what, if any differences there are between the two versions.  After all Cartoon Network has been known to censor, change, etc, the English version from the original in some series imported from overseas.  IBHalliwell (talk) 11:43, April 20, 2013 (UTC)

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