What's up?  Still working on the "paper" / "letter" about the X1 and XR2 . . .  A Comcast supervisor did stop by to help me out today in learning about the X1 and to install some filters.  Lots of the issues remain, but he did fix the issue where the X1 hung, when playing back recordings on a different X1 unit.  The filters make the other X1 units look to be offline for playback, but they still see the recordings on the other two X1 DVR units.

New issue now, though, I deleted and erased 10 hours of HDTV and the recording % used on my X1 continued to show 17% (it never went down). I checked to see if there were new recordings during the day to offset the deletes and erases, but there were none. I'm not sure why deleting and erasing 10 hours of HDTV resulted in 0% usage reduction.

Oh, no word on the freeze frame advance via the XR2. The supervisor looked through his documentation and from what he can tell the X1 and XR2 developers forgot to include it or actively decided customers don't need the feature.

Yeah, we do need the ability to step frame by frame through a recording, live broadcast, or OnDemand program!!

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