I noticed in the Wikipedia, most of the articles now have an external reference or external link section and am wondering if that might be useful for for our episode article.  I envision it would have links to other sites, such as the Scan2Go episodes on and the IMdb website, as well as video sites for the entire episode, such as the Watch Cartoon Online website.

If I don't hear anything negative in the next several days, I'll start working on adding the secction and plutting some information in it, too.

As for the other articles, they might also benefit from the same new section.  Its just the episode is clearly seen and available for reference in other websites.

BTW, I'm still wondering about spell checking with blog entries.  At least the spell checker I use with Firefox fails ot identify this area as a text area needing spell checking.  Anyone have a way to spell check while writing their blogs here on Scan2Go?

Oh, one last question and yeah, not related to Scan2Go . . . anyone know the status of the TV series SlugTerra?  Did Disney cancel it, is it unknown, or ????  Thanks!

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