The problem from yesterday continues today. From what I can tell the problem starts up from my attempts to pause at a specific location. I'll keep trying and trying to get the location by using the play/pause, forward, backward, slow forward, slow reverse, and other buttons in combination. After awhile the unit just stops working properly and you have to reboot and even that is starting to fail.

The people at 800-COM-CAST sent down a reboot signal and the device got stuck doing something. AT least the area where the clock is was a series of words and symbols (what looked like symbols and not words) for over 7 hours. Basically, when I went to bed the unit was in this condition and when I woke up it was there too. In the end, I simply unplugged the unit and plugged it back up. It then started working again for an hour or so of watching TV, but wanting to stop and watch several sneakers during a basketball game (both on the side lines and on the court), well, caused the unit to again fail multiple times.

Thing is I have yet to find anyone to take these problems reports on a regular basis or responsibility to get the X1 working. IMHO, it is not specific to this unit. I can get the other two (for a total of three X1) to fail in the same manner, too. The problem is with the lack of good programming or maybe the design of the protocol structure or . . . If I knew the specifics on how it worked, I'm sure I (and others) could figure out the flaw and maybe fix it. I say maybe because the entire implementation of Comcast cloud (where each remote control button needs server somewhere a long ways away permission to work) could be simply not ready for network structure and computer speeds of today.

As I tell people who listen, Freeze Frame and Freeze Frame Advance & Backward is the number one problem. It is something I expect because I had it since 2005 and I should still have it today.

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