The Scan2Go Resource Center is now open for your additions and updates! Well kind of open, as I don't have the entire structure in place just the first of at least eight more articles. The idea is to split the resource center into two main groups (Internet and Physical world) and then split each of those into at least three areas (TV series, Games & Toys, and Others/Misc).

Originally the idea was to have one large article, but it would become very big, very quickly and not very useful because of its size. Splitting it into at least 6 lower level articles that may themselves have own child articles seems to best way to go in the long term. Yes, in the short term it will be very bare, but let's think long term, OK?

Well, till tomorrow!

P.S. Yeah, I know there is still work to do on other areas, such as the Scan2Go Broadcast Markets article (such as creating a macro), but hey, Roman wasn't built in a day nor did they only build one building at a time.

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